Episode #3: Defining Yourself Pt.2

Episode #3: Defining Yourself Pt.2

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Last week we mentioned that you are a conscious creator. This week we suggest that you are also an unconscious habit. We often think of habits as things we do, ways we behave but seldom, if at all, do we see habits as who we are. We try to change bad habits, develop good ones and expend great effort trying to make changes to parts of ourselves. But what if you were the habit that needs to be changed? You see, the habit that you are relies on your past thoughts, feelings and actions to help you perform daily activities like, getting ready for work, following the correct route to gas station and performing your tasks in predictable ways. This is you in habit mode. This is you in your unconscious auto-pilot programme working hard towards your future goals and dreams yet relying on yesterday’s script of thoughts, feelings and actions. Doesn’t this strike you as odd; even counter-productive? The truth is, you don’t get what you want, you get who you are. So if you are not currently getting what you want perhaps you may want to try changing the habit you have become.

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