Episode #5: Can you Change?

Episode #5: Can you Change?

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The answer is yes.  Yes, you can change.  The answer is no.  No, YOU can’t.  We have several contexts within which we can answer this question.  Do you mean external or internal change? Do you mean physical, mental, emotional or spiritual change? There are many physical characteristics that you can change or have changed ranging from becoming more muscular, getting a nose job to changing your gender assignment.  So yes you can.  You can also change your mind-wear a dress today rather than a pants suit. You can change your attitude by making up your mind to feel better or worse than you do right now. You can change spiritually by choosing a different religion or drawing on your energetic connection with Oneness. 

No you can’t change because every time you decide NOT to exercise your power in the present moment to make a different decision AND follow through with action you stay the same.  So both answers are tight.  Whether you can or cannot change is an existential question, not to be answered by scientists in academia but to be answered by you; by the choices you are willing to make.  So what will your answer be?

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