Master Coach | Speaker | Seminar Leader

"You don't get what you want,
you get who you are."
- Les Brown

Master Coach | Speaker | Seminar Leader

"Your marinated thoughts
affect your life. What
thoughts are you marinating?"
- Nyahra Ayodelé

Master Coach | Speaker | Seminar Leader

"Mastery equals discipline
and consistency."
- Nyahra Ayodelé

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Founder of Connect with Your Passion and 2020 Mastery Club presents Create Your Future Now, an evolutionary journey to  re-imagining a new you. Start with self-definition and self-direction.  Become masterful over your emotions, habits and get things done using the neuroscience of change.

Cheryl Nyahra in a Nutshell

Cheryl ‘Nyahra’ Gittens is a dynamic life coaching pioneer based in the Caribbean. For decades, Cheryl Nyahra has successfully helped hundreds of clients around the world awaken their passion with her self-mastery talks and coaching. Cheryl has appeared on stage with Dr. Stephen Covey; and has been praised by Les Brown. She is a consultant for Caribbean five star resorts, government, education and financial sectors; and NGOs.

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Our Mission is to get 10,000 teens to find their passions and start living dreams that are true to their purpose so they can start making an impact on the world before age 25. DreamTeeners are smart, empowered individuals with the emotionally intelligent and resilient skills to become effective contributors and integrity based leaders in Caribbean and beyond.


If you want to experience a world where teenagers with shining potential can have the tools to start realizing their true passion, purpose and dreams the moment they are excited about their interest then click the link below to become a DreamTeen Coach.


Connect with your Passion presents

“The Habit of Being You”

Episode #1: Start Here

The goal of this series called the Habit of Being You is to serve readers across the region who are willing to pause for ninety seconds each week to reflect…

Episode #2: Defining Yourself Pt 1.

One of the gifts of social emotional learning is the challenge it poses to us to reflect first on ourselves; that means to look inward and to ask some of…

Episode #3: Defining Yourself Pt.2

Last week we mentioned that you are a conscious creator. This week we suggest that you are also an unconscious habit. We often think of habits as things we do,…

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