Get Clarity (Beginners)

The first step towards getting what you truly desire is to get crystal clear on who you are. We fall short of our goals because we believe we get ‘what we want’. Nope! We get ‘who we are’. In this 4 – hour course and deep dive coaching session, you start by becoming aware of who you are: looking at your behavior, personality and emotional drivers and why you show up in the world the way you do.


Most importantly, we clear away the person you have been pretending to be, the persona you adopted from the voices in your life who told you who you are supposed to be. Time to get out of your own way and release that persona and DISCern embrace who you truly are. You get a personality assessment and VIP coaching session.


For you… If you are new to personal development or have never thought of it this way. – Level ZERO

Get Direction (Progressive)

Are you at a cross road in your life, career, health, relationship? Do you have a new opportunity, are dealing with an adversity, starting or passing on a new business? Are you stuck on what you want or what your next step should be? Do you want to know “What is your WHY?”


This suite of courses helps you to Find Your True North, Connect With Your Passion® and Get Decisive. You get tools to find your voice and declare what you intend to do with your life.


For you… If you need to find you purpose and passion or think you know it and need the courage to express it. – Level BE

Get It Done (Coaching)

So now you know why you are here on this planet. The world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. You cannot stand still if you are going to make your mark. Learn how to be the Creator of Your Future- Now! In this suite we deep dive into the mindset, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, time honored principles and practices of getting things done through habits of Resilience Mastery. This is NOT a ‘To Do List’ course. This course or coaching programme dives into the systems for supporting sustainable action in your creative life to Get Things Done.


For you…If you are ready to stop talking, wishing, dreaming and take action, make mistakes, fail and get back up again. – Level DO

Get Committed (Habit Community)

Join our Facebook @Your Essence Group and our Private Community and receive additional Social Media resources like Cheryl Nyahra’s newsletter/blog posts, Get Tip line resources from Cheryl Nyahra and her partners.  Learn from and share with others like you who are creating their futures and building resilience mastery habits in the areas of self, health, wealth and relationships / community.  As part of your journey, Jump on a group Q&A call with Cheryl Nyahra every last Sunday of the month.


For you… If you are committed to going through the grind and the bliss of breaking old habits and acquiring new ones. – Level HAVE

Extra-Ordinary (High Flyers’ Master Minds)

Unlock this Super Advanced Level when you are seriously committed to becoming someone completely different to whom you have been for your whole life. In this exclusive group, get access to “no holds barred” 12 month coaching programmes, Week Long extra mile retreats, Fearless Woman Retreats and meditation retreats at Luxury resorts in the Caribbean. You must have completed levels BE, DO and HAVE before attending a Week Long.


For you…if you want to challenge anything and everything you are and trade it in for an upgrade called “YOU”. – Level BECOMING