Episode #6: To change yourself … Change your brain

Episode #6: To change yourself … Change your brain

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Last week we shared that to change is a choice.  That sounds like it should be easy, after all we are making choices every day.  But the truth is that if it were easy we would all be making the changes we need to make in order to achieve what we want. After all choice change and desire are inescapably intertwined. It is our desires that trigger an awareness that we need to change. Because most of the changes are typical or habitual responses to reaching our goals, we tend not to realise that we are intentionally changing. Take a simple thing like, I have no money – I need to job. You then start looking in the papers expectantly, selecting a few jobs that may or may not fit your qualifications, you apply pray, attend the interview, pray and hope and wait.  In so doing you are actually changing your brain.  First your mind triggered an awareness which your formulated as a thought with enough magnitude to send chemicals surging through your body to receptor cells which emoted a feeling of urgency, desire and will of such frequency to move you into action of writing and sending the application letter.

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