Episode #2: Defining Yourself Pt 1.

Episode #2: Defining Yourself Pt 1.

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One of the gifts of social emotional learning is the challenge it poses to us to reflect first on ourselves; that means to look inward and to ask some of life’s biggest questions. Questions like why am I here? Why do I feel like no one gets me? Who am I really…among other questions. Lao Tzu has said that to understand another is knowledgeable but to understand yourself is wisdom. You have been taught to see and describe yourself through your ancestral genes. You answer who are you by saying your name and that signifies who your tribe is. But is that you? You then say that you are a boy or man; girl or woman. But still is that you? You then blame or endorse your upbringing and claim that it has made you who you are. Is that true? The truth is – you are more than your personality or your genes. You are a stream of conscious creativity rising every day with the power to choose from your wise self what you are made of and to build yourself for what you are made for.

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