Master Coach | Speaker | Seminar Leader “You don’t get what you want,
you get who you are.”
– Les Brown
Master Coach | Speaker | Seminar Leader “Your marinated thoughts
affect your life. What
thoughts are you marinating?”
– Nyahra Ayodelé
Master Coach | Speaker | Seminar Leader “Mastery equals discipline
and consistency.”
– Nyahra Ayodelé

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Founder of Connect with Your Passion and 2020 Mastery Club presents Create Your Future an evolutionary journey of personal reintervention and reimagination of a new you. Starting with science-based self-definition and self-direction to becoming masterful over your emotions, behaviours and results using the neuroscience of changing your habits.

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Meet Cheryl Nyahra

Cheryl ‘Nyahra’ Gittens is a Caribbean life coaching pioneer, counsellor, seminar leader and speaker who has helped hundreds to get past their pain to step into their power and passion.  She has shared the stage with Dr Stephen Covey and has been commended by Les Brown as a coach who genuinely wants to help people. Cheryl is the creator of Connect With Your Passion®, DreamTeen® Barbados, Master Me Inc., Career Reboot Camp and 20|20 Mastery Club® …

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